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Where can you find great inventions? What type of invention is already known and patented? Has your idea maybe not been patented yet? At the beginning we look out for new ideas and present news about patents that brought businesses a great step ahead. What optimized and improved your workflow or your companies result? Ideas and inventions are for free in most of the time. Which companies are most innovative? Which companies do get stuck and lack a great and innovative developement? This webpage deals with all the stories about inventing and improving the business and daily life. We hope you enjoy our posts.

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Which invention has been most successfull? Today and a long time an invention has always been trailblazing. Even if your company is not effected many inventions have an impact on your daily life or at least you stumbled upon them. A few of them have been so crucial that they even had the power to transform whole industries. An inventon is full of new thinking and seeks for new ways that are not limited by former paths. We want to present an old invention series in order to inspire as well as inventions that entered the markets a few months ago. So lets look upon these news and find out more. We hope you enjoy our presentations. Which invention made the most profit? Is Apple still the most innovative company? We hope to provide these information as soon as we have good sources who show some proper results.

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