Will air taxi flights arrive in 2022 more frequently?

Will air taxi flights arrive in 2022 more frequently?


First air taxi test flights already started years ago. But if there will be first air taxis in cities or airport areas is not yet known. Anyway, the branch is highly active. More and more enterprises gather money and start to implement there services. EHang and volocopter are only 2 modern businesses that start their activities…

The Chinese Ehang company just started a new project in Italy. The EH216 air taxi is already carrying passengers in the Chinese City of Guangzhou and also started in Quebec. This development is really fresh and lots of people are already eager to know when they might get the chance to use the first air taxi flight. The market might be really attractive also for the well known car sharing companies like Uber. The production of more air taxis is planned for the second quarter of 2021. So in a few months more and more possibilities might appear really quickly.

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First urban air mobility pilot city – Guangzhou

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In china the development has been pushed forward already. Now in the U.S in North Carolina first autonomous aerial vehicle flights started and there might be transportation offers soon. The new possibilities in transportation sector will be essential in the flight sector.

The whole flight industry might be transformed as well as the delivery service sector. Drone vehicles might be a great alternative to the transporter soon. In 2-3 years a big part of the shipping industry might switch to autonomous aerial vehicles if the run in a safe routine.

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The big question is how long it will last till first platforms will provide air taxi flights. But the development is moving on and it seems that it will not take so long.

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