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What’s new about the Apple innovation HomePod Mini [2020]


The Apple HomePod is already two years old. Happy Birthday! But still Amazon Echo and Google Smart Home Systems like Google Nest seem to be the better solutions. Now Apple presented the new Apple innovation Ipod Home mini – a bit smaller, but first of all, way cheaper than the older version. Might this have a turnaround effect on apples slow-running smarthome business? Let’s see…

The new Homepod Mini should add a new price segment to apple’s smart home solutions. Customers that ahve been referred to Google’s Nest or Amazon’s Echo might now switch to the new apple solution. Some other product preferences might be the reason for this as well.

First of all the new design

The new Apple iPod home is much smaller than the competitors’ solutions. If this is a running argument to buy the product is certainly a big question. The design – all in all – looks quiet convincing and it contains a touchscreen on the surface. The colors and the surface material are simple and functional. The material is perfectly fit for a 360 sound.

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The multi-connectivity – a solid apple innovation

Apple’s Ipod home mini clearly offers many connections. The small device offers the way to a group of smart home solutions. In the near future you can check if your door’s are closed, if lights are switched on or off. Furthermore you have the option to send and messages based on voice commands – a really practicable feature especially for short messages.

Apple innovation

The heart of Ipod home mini: The voice control technology SIRI

The skills of the voice control is a key feature. The better voice control system can even recognize your voice in a loud environment. This makes the system even more reliable.

Pricing and availability

The apple ipod home mini will be available on Nov, 6th as preorder. Colors will be space grey and white. The price will be 99$ for the tiny version.

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