Fact Sheet: What is patentability?

Fact Sheet: What is patentability?


Whenever businesses want to patent an idea or a product the whole process has to meet the patentability criteria. Because any invention has to fulfill a certain standard that consists of 3 certain criteria. You might have also heard of the fact that some products are patent eligible. The proper meaning of both terms will be explained in the following lines….

The core of patentability consists of three parts. They will be described in the next chapter. They are basically novelty, obviousness and usefulness. They have to be fulfilled somehow.

  • Novel
  • Non-obvious
  • Useful

Every invention must be novel, non obvious and useful. In any other cases the product will not get the patent honor. This is the classic routine of the US patent law. So let us look at the criteria in detail. They will display in an easy way, what patentability is.

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