Beyond Meat’s #1 vegan sausage best invention in 2018

Beyond Meat’s #1 vegan sausage best invention in 2018


Believe it or not. The vegan sausage from Beyond Meat is now an official award winning surprise. The vegan sausage was announced “Best Invention of 2018” by the famous Time Magazine. The sausage had come out as the second great product prepared by Beyond Meat who initially started with a Burger that also almost tastes like a real meat Burger.  But what makes vegan sausages and burgers so cool and why will they also shape a complete new food movement…

They are really trendy and more than welcome to many customers who want to keep up a special lifestyle. The vegatarian’s paradigm not only to live and eat more healthy but also in a much more sustainable way is the key for vegan food producers. They just serve the modern needs. Vegan burger and vegan sausages share many positive aspects and not only in nutrition. Ever since the living standards of animals have become really scary more and more people refuse to eat meat in order to save animals and also to criticize the food industry as well. They tend to eat proteins from other plants like soy, peas and beans. Here are some FAQ about the new meat alternatives that might be interesting….

Is vegan food really healthier?

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Well while the salts in vegan food might be as unhealthy as in meat products, the vegan food certainly have more unsaturated fat acids. They are healthier and keep up vitality. There is a certain advantage on the one hand. On the other hand soy sausage lack vitamin B12 and iron. Vegetarian far more often suffer from deficiency syndromes due to lack of minerals and the the already mentioned ingredients. That makes real sausages nutritional important as well.

Who actually invented this food?

It is kind of astonishing and surprising that soy sausages were not invented in a green environmental group. Soy sausages were invented by Konrad Adenauer. Although they were not popular for a long time they seem to become more and more popular. The so called veggie burger was once invented by Gregory Sams who owned a natural food restaurant.

What is vegan sausages made from?

Well, mostly they are made from soy proteins. In this cases they are also traditional vegan. But there are also different versions that are made from egg whites. So there are lots of vegetarian alternatives if you do not want to eat pure meat.


Ever since some producers like beyond meat were able to create tasty meat substitutions, the new trend meatless burgers and sausages flood the markets. The producers are really successful and the “Green Trend” keeps its products on a wave of success. Undoubtedly lots of not only nature activists are proud of these best inventions.

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