Find patents 100% – The ultimate guide to the Google patent search

Find patents 100% – The ultimate guide to the Google patent search


Lately Google opened the new patent search portal. This is an excellent opportunity to watch out for new patents. Whenever you are looking for a new invention, a new idea or anything else you can simply type it to the Google patent search. It is new and you can find under the following… 

This is actually the advanced version. Finally this Google version offers a lot of comfort because you receive the whole patent description and the source description in detail. The patent search version by google is also interesting for people who want to know if their idea is already filed.

The Google patent search is worth a try because there are so many interesting facts that you can learn about patents and inventions of all kind.  

Google Patent Search

1. How to search for a patent

Of course it is important how to actually look for a new invention. Is your idea already filed? Who entered the patent? There might be a lot of questions? Google provides many important information for inventors and people who want to file for a patent for example.

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Just look for Google patents and you can soon find a almost normal Google screen that offers the patent search. But the search results are really convincing. You will a lot of patents and also people and companies that actually are involved in the filing process. The picture shows the great results

Google-Patent Search

Top 1000 results by filin date

On the right side of the results page you will find the companies and the inventors in list form. That is a great feature when you are looking and patents and want to know who is actually the inventor.


This graphic shows in detail which companies got a patent. If you also filter for granted patents you will see which patents are already valid. This makes the Google Patent search really valuable. Not only experts can look for ideas and results.

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