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The 3D-Print tiny house


The tiny house is something very special. But the 3D-Print tiny house is a revolution in the real estate market. The tiny house can be shipped by a truck. Furthermore the house has great features that shape modern living standards in a new dimension. The following video will get you an impression how you can easily purchase a house that also generates water and electricity. This house is really one of the best inventions of the last years.

The company created a house that is not only ready to use but also more sustainable than anyone would suppose. There are actually no energy costs. The house provides energy and water for people living there.  The smallest version is available for 199.999$.

Mobility and flexibility for more freedom

The house can be delivered to almost any place. The only condition is a flat surface. Heating and cooling is provided by solar energy. The price is really affordable and you will be able to live in a fresh build house faster than ever before. The house is ready in less than 4-7 weeks. This is faster than you might imagine.

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The tiny house is a great solution for people how really want to live more sustainable. You can support the climate and profit by low energy costs. The tiny house is a new revolution in real estate market.

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