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4 easy ways to find fresh patents – Great Trademark databases

Trademarks are valuable and interesting today and in the future. There are certainly different ways how to search for patents, trademarks, ideas and licences. Sometimes an information can be useful and some search engines and databases can help you out. In the meantime the patent and trademark office will definitely help you out. But there are other sources for information as well.

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Trademark Search

Top 10 most valuable trademarks in 2018

What are the most valuable registered trademarks and which global trademark ranks #1? There are certainly different ways how to estimate the value of a company’s brand. Either way the best global trademarks are certainly far above average standards. Most of them are worldwide active and have international services and product bestsellers. In our short presentation we want to give you a slide information about the business size and an impression of each companies market value. The companies are the

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