6 great and inspiring invention stories

Inventions are sometimes breathtaking and enthusiastic in the same way. But not only the outputs sometimes the road to success is also interesting. And in this case especially the ones who want to learn from inventions and inventors the stories that lead towards an invention can be really exciting as well. Inventions are real growth creators, so that sometimes a modern clue can make a business start over again. And in addition the the secret ways that lead to a new invention can be helpful for inventors as an inspiration for growth and prosperity. Our article will point out some invention stories for you….   Post-it notes Everyone knows Post it notes. They are handy and effective to collect thoughts


Is inventiveness a matter of urban density?

What makes people inventive? For some reason there might be a few people who might argue that inventions come out way faster if people live in urban areas. In our little abstract we want to focus on the origin of inventiveness. So that we might find out some ways for businesses to improve their R&D Departments. Or maybe there is a possibilty to find out certain factors for inventiveness growth…