7 inventions that changed the world

Inventions that changed the world have and had great impact in our lives. The way they support daily routines are so essential that people can win ressources. In addition most of the people gain more and more abilities and opportunities to travel or work… 1. Computer The principal of the modern computer was first mentioned by Alan Turing and later the first personal computer was invented in the early 19th century by Charles Babbage. This invention has indeed accomplished amazing things in more areas of life than we realize. And as we know it has helped high performance military aircrafts to fly, put a spaceship into orbit, control medical equipment, create visual imagery, store vast amounts of information and allowed the functioning of


3 ways to push your innovation strategy

A good innovation strategy is important for almost every business today. The tough competition and the high demand for new and straight-forward products make companies focus much more on innovations than they used to do 5 or 10 years ago. But what do these strategies look like? First of all we are going to describe what the essential growth strategies are. Finally we are going to discover the essentials and the trailblazing efforts that make these growth strategies work…. Innovation strategies are really important today in modern markets. More and more patents are registered every year and more and more companies make a lot of money with patents, licences and product rights each year. First of all firms apply innovation

How growth teams create new innovations

The creation of new innovations is one of the most important abilities for modern businesses. The creation of new products is a key for creating new value for customers. The questions is: How do you build a team that really creates new stuff. The author of the Book Growth Hacking describes the team building process as follows. In his opinion growth and the ability for businesses to grow depends on the bordeless communication. The less boundaries communication in a company has to go through the more innovative is the company.    In contrast to this setting many business firms are organised in single, isolated departments, so called silos. Instead of spreading information from department to department most of the knowledge is


10 crazy parenting inventions for kids and babies

Babies are really exciting. But especially in the first month they can be really stressfull and create a lot of noise. Anyway they create a lot of happiness in their families. Invention ideas for kids can help families to have a more comfortable life. Furthermore some ideas are so fascinating that you should have a look at it. Sometimes nice and little invention ideas for kids can be a great surplus in your life. Therefore the best inventions for parenting will be shown in the upcoming article…   # 10 The baby carrier hoodie #9 Single Handle Extender #8 Baby Food Dispensing Spoon #7. Baby-Mop-Onesie #6 WhyCry Mini “Cry Analyzer.” #5  Baby Fun Plate #4 Crib Which Simulates The Feeling Of Being

Apple Watch (Re)Charged 2.0

The new Apple Watch might soon have another battery charging opportunity.   Instead of using the casual way, it might soon be possible to use a wireless case which not just secures, but also recharges your Apple Watch. Apple just sent out this patent and got the Patent number 9,901,147 for this invention.   As far as the watch has to be placed on a loading pug at the moment, it might soon be possible to recharge the device without any plugin.


Is inventiveness a matter of urban density?

What makes people inventive? For some reason there might be a few people who might argue that inventions come out way faster if people live in urban areas. In our little abstract we want to focus on the origin of inventiveness. So that we might find out some ways for businesses to improve their R&D Departments. Or maybe there is a possibilty to find out certain factors for inventiveness growth…

Whose great inventions are still relevant today?

Basic ancient inventions througout the past centuries In our first article we proudly present 10 great invention ideas that are one by one the best invention of all time. Most of them are really basic and ancient. We start in the 15th century and finish in the late 20th century just round about 20 years ago. All inventions are widespread and well known, cause they are integrated in our daily life’s or have influenced businesses in various ways. Whether it is letterprinting or the telefone. Most of these ancient inventions are so normal that we almost do not take in account that they also did not exist a long time ago.