Great Inventions of the past century

Great inventions always had an impact on our lives. Sometimes great inventions improved productivity, sometimes they solved big problems and sometimes they simply turned an old idea to something totally new. Not in all cases the inventions were really helpful But most of the great inventions were so important that most of us cannot even imagine a live without them. They were just too crucial and had such an changing effect that some of these inventions were called disruptive innovations. They did not only added a new feature but they improved a certain product and lifted them on a higher level…  Learning to fly At the beginning of the last century the Wright Brothers started to fly with an aeroplane.

7 inventions that changed the world

Inventions that changed the world have and had great impact in our lives. The way they support daily routines are so essential that people can win ressources. In addition most of the people gain more and more abilities and opportunities to travel or work… 1. Computer The principal of the modern computer was first mentioned by Alan Turing and later the first personal computer was invented in the early 19th century by Charles Babbage. This invention has indeed accomplished amazing things in more areas of life than we realize. And as we know it has helped high performance military aircrafts to fly, put a spaceship into orbit, control medical equipment, create visual imagery, store vast amounts of information and allowed the functioning of