5 most innovative companies in the US

The best companies all around the world try to sell their products as good as possible. But in addition most of the companies are also trying to keep up their product’s uniqueness. In order to protect each product, product managers and research consultants are trying to find more and better product features to keep their products best…   The achievements can be quite impressive. We are going to present some really innovative companies to you, that are actually trying to be as smart and as unique as possible. Sometimes the inventiveness can be measured also by sales growth rates. This also shows if the new inventions are not only brand-new features but also and already accepted in the market. The

7 innovations in healthcare that can safe your life

Inventions are really valuable in many ways. Whether you find new solutions at home, in your business or elsewhere, new inventions can make your life smarter. But sometimes innovations in healthcare will safe your life.  They can even become priceless when they solve difficult health issues. Therefore, innovations in healthcare are really interesting. In our new article we will present some healthcare innovations that changed the lives of many people.     Next-generation DNA sequencing: Applications of genetic sequencing to identify at-risk populations or target therapies to patients who are likely to respond. The approach can identify patent groups and makes health diagnosis and prediction much easier.   3D-printed devices: Lower-cost and highly customized medical technology products that can be

6 innovative home solutions

Ever since technological inventions made life easier and more comfortable, people are looking for gadgets that make their homes smarter and more futuristic. Inventions all around smart home ideas were implemented in the daily routines. Many inventions enable several control functions. But there are also lots of inventions that make you save a lot of money. We want to present 6 best innovative home solutions that will improve your home in many perspectives. But do not forget: Sometimes smart ideas can really be expensive…   Smart home systems Smart home solutions will improve your safety. Smoke detectors, motion detectors outdoor and smart thermostat controls will increase your home safety and reduce your costs for electricity and heating. Some firms provide

How growth teams create new innovations

The creation of new innovations is one of the most important abilities for modern businesses. The creation of new products is a key for creating new value for customers. The questions is: How do you build a team that really creates new stuff. The author of the Book Growth Hacking describes the team building process as follows. In his opinion growth and the ability for businesses to grow depends on the bordeless communication. The less boundaries communication in a company has to go through the more innovative is the company.    In contrast to this setting many business firms are organised in single, isolated departments, so called silos. Instead of spreading information from department to department most of the knowledge is