2018 USPTO Awards – Patents for Humanity

All around the world it seems that more and more patents are utterly filling the markets. Hence the award winning invention are more and more  in the seeking interest of business and trading companies. The major aspect of a new invention is the “Money-Making-Effekt”.  From our point of view not only patents of all kind but especially patents for solving important problems should be honored in the right way. So does the uspto. Every year a few people receive awards for humanitarian invention that improved the situation in peoples life’s.The USPTO Patents for humanity award. We want to present some of the inventions to you and introduce the amazing power of these “Big deals”. The humitarian aspect puts a different

Innovative platforms for best invention ideas and patent search

Where can you find great inventions or great invention ideas? We are going to present you some really cool invention platforms that present fresh and unique ideas that make your business run or give you more innovative spirit. Right now it is always important to be creative. Platforms, networks and invention groups can build spaces to gather a lot of information. And interestingly some networks already started to gain profits form their own invention network.