Simple Steps to make invention ideas come true

Sometimes new invention ideas simply flow out of your mind. The almost seem to sparkle out of your mind like out of a shaken water bottle. But the problem about invention ideas is that they disappear just as fast as they came up to your mind. If you want to create your own invention you should take care of taking the following important steps. 

Step 1 Document everything

The basic method is to structure your ideas and try to put them on a piece of paper. In the first step it is enough to write a simple draft outline the shows a structured description of your invention. You do not have to go into detail. Keep it simple but describe the main aspect. Later on you can go into detail.

Step 2 Research the invention ideas

The next step is to make some research. Try to find a way in order to discover the market. Just the fact that you have not ever seen your idea in reality does not mean, it does not exist already.

Try to search your idea at If it is signed in already you can be sure that someone else is already having the patent that you want to get. If there is still an empty space for your invention ideas, start to do some preliminary research of your target market. Is there somebody who would actually buy what you want to sell.

Also do not forget to think about existing competitors and costs. Sometimes the path to success cannot be taken because things seem to get to expensive. In order to estimate costs try to find comparable products and look out for their prices.

Step 3 Create your first product

The first product that you create does not have to perfect. Try to find a way to find the right materials for the product and the production process. Start with a drawing until you finally create the whole working new product. You can also try to set up a kind of animation if you are convinced of your idea.

Step 4 Market your invention ideas

Finally you have to sell your idea. Try to use marketing techniques in order to find your customers. Finally you will find a way to make your product more popular. It is your choice if you use basic flyers, or printed commercial in the newspaper or if you start to set up a webpage for you product. Finally who will be able to find your first customers. 


These are just some rudimental Steps that you should take in order to make your invention idea come true. If you want to know how to get more creative read the following article.


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