Amazon KDP is the new publishing program by Amazon. And you can use it to sell E-Books really fast. Many people are interested in reading books. And it looks like more and more people are also willing to pay at least some dollar to buy a book. But how do you sell your books on Amazon KDP successfully? Amazon KDP is a really innovative platform. If you want to write a books, you can publish it whenever you want. In this article you will get to know some hints to sell more books….

1. Write a few books

Sometimes one books is not enough. Not everyone can write a bestseller from scratch. It depends on your will to publish not just one but more than 5 or 10 books. Although not every books will be successful the likelihood that one of your books might sell will definitely rise. Publishing many books will take some time. You will need several month to publish. But later on you can profit if you sell several copies. Just writing one book might not be enough to make some money.

2. Start with free book and regular promotions

Amazon Kdp

The FREE Books Promotion is a good way to get more kindle unlimited customers. After w while you will get more KENP read pages. Some TOP E-Book Seller on Amazon make even more money with KENP than with book sales. The reason for this is the very popular Kindle unlimited program. A lot of people start to read several books at once. If you are lucky you can also make a few dollar with KENP.

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Advertising is also essential to become a successful book seller. The promotion will get you more visibility and more sales all in all. Even if your books are not the best, sometimes a bit of promotion can save some sales.

3. Use best keywords for your EBOOK

It is essential for your sales to use the right keywords. Otherwise you will not be able to find customers. You can also increase your visibility if you choose the best keywords. You will see that there are really a lot of books on Amazon. But if you choose a good keyword or keyword combination you can be successful.

It depends on the number of books in your keyword spectrum. If you find more than 1.000 books it will not be enough to write a good books because you are not that likely to be found. Only if you well pretty good this might be recommendable. In the best case you choose a keyword with less than 200-300 books. Then your books sales are not so relevant in the beginning and you will be found faster…

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4. Deliver good content

You have to deliver good content on Amazon. Otherwise your chances to sell a lot of books will decline soon. Try to write more pages and better content than your competitor. This might be the key to sell more and better books. Another important reason for good quality is that Amazon ranks best sold books much higher. So if your books are getting more sales now you are more likely getting higher sales in the future as well.

Amazon KDP

5. Work on the book presentation

The book presentation is essential for you business. You have to create a good cover and a good description. Make sure that the cover is catchy for your audience. It depends on the target group, the topic and the age of your customers what kind of covers will catch the attention. You have to make sure that your audience will be curious about what you deliver. There has to be something really interesting. Nobody wants to buy a boring book….

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6. Get recommendations

If you want to be successful you will need to get reviews. If your readers give away good ratings, you will soon sell more books. Many readers are quite focussed on reviews and ratings. Sometimes the FREE Book round will get you reviews if you are lucky.

Amazon kdp


It is not that easy to sell books on Amazon. Some hacks will help you to gain more sales and customers. If you keep publishing you will find your way to successful sales. The best idea is to keep writing and promoting. Finally you can profit from more sales. And Amazon can help you because there are many million customers who visit Amazon to buy books every day…

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