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The second edition includes the new chapter about trust and why you have to get to know more about EAT. The new features will help you to be much better prepared in the field of link building. It is not wrong to focus on writing good content but it is only one brick in a large SEO wall. It consists of technical aspects as well as link building as well as topicality. SEO is determined by the search engines. Googles ranking algorithm honors good content. But the engagement of the customer, clicks, email subscriber rate, number of comments, backlinks and much more plays an important role as well. That’s why it might be beneficial to increase the number of engaging elements and to be more present on other platforms.

A short part of this book will explain the 2021 ranking factors. You will see why these ranking factors are crucial for your business and how you can efficiently improve them. Google will benefit every improvement in the ranking positions. You just have to stick to the webmaster guidelines.

Furthermore, a big part of the eBook is dedicated to link building another important part of SEO. Before you start link building you should definitely read this book. You will get the chance to learn more about big link building mistakes and how to avoid them effectively. Another reason why this eBook focusses on link building is the great importance for Google ranking algorithms. You can really negatively effect your search results if you do not stick to some very important link building rules.

2 reviews for LINKBUILDING GUIDE 2021

  1. Jack

    Easy to read and great insights…

  2. Joey

    If you want better rankings you got to read the book…

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