Mental mastery training guide




The “Mental mastery training guide” will teach you about some basic findings from the field of various disciplines that might be really valuable for you and your life. They will help you to become more successful and to reach your goals more often.

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

— Nikos Kazantzakis

The practical exercises will give you helpful advice to control problematic situations. This guide will give you insights on 

… ✓ Mental toughness: Learn to improve your mindset

… ✓ Inner clarity and motivation: Find your inner motivation

… ✓ Willpower: Gain more willpower and push yourself beyond your own limits

… ✓ Productivity: Learn to get more productive and work harder on your goals

… ✓ Self-leadership: Manage to lead yourself.

…✓ Dealing with negativity and adversity: Find modern ways to reduce fears and negative emotions

If you read the book carefully you can grow and get better day by day. Learn more about scientific backgrounds and why you should actually start some new exercises. Grow your own mental toughness and master your situations in life better and better each day. The book is based on knowledge of sport science, motivation psychology, neurology and philosophy to show you why you sometimes fail and why you can succeed in the future. Use the methods and techniques of scientists, mangers, athletes and teachers to become more successful in your life. 


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