8 amazing facts about trademarks and patents 2018 [Infographic]

Patents and trademarks are really important for a lot of businesses. The increase of patent filings in the last 4-5 years is tremendous as well. Many R&D Departments work hard to improve new technologies. Finally after long terms of hard work a new invention or innovation can be presented. The questions is: Is it worth the costs? In our article we already discussed the levers of growth. New patents are definitly a part of a modern growth strategy in any business. Some interesting patent facts can be found in our new infografic.

More and more people want to invent in order to improve products and processes.


8 interesting Patent facts

We want to gather some  important and interesting facts about patents and trademark to show how important the safety of intelectual property has become in the last 4-5 years. How many patents exists? The statistics have been made up by the USPTO and show the significance of inventions, patents and trademarks. In addition the statistics made up by the EPO give some clues about the applications and the branches that are most inventive. The infographic below wraps up all of the information you need to know.

The large numbers of development


The infografic shows how important patents and trademarks have become already.

The large amount of spendings of 2.994$ Mio. offers a clear view of the great dimensions of the intellectual property business.

It’s also interesting that almost 25% of all patents are filed by companies from the US. Although this is already a large number the most inventive region still is Europe.

Round about 50% of world wide accepted patents are actually coming form the european region.Companies like Siemens and Bosch are the top applicant countries. Nice to know is that one of the biggest companies in the world “Amazon” is also pretty inventive.

They made it to the 3rd place in 2018th USPTO Top 50 applicant companies. Besides the trademark trend is still on the run. Year by year more and more trademarks are filed. 

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