3 Great Car Innovations in 2018

Ever since the society seems to develope best invention ideas across every part in your daily life, one part seems really important. Your car. And if you ever bought a car, one insight seems to be obvious: Technologies sell. The more technology innovations a car can offer, the better it sells. And the upcoming car types include really best inventions. So in our new article we are going to present you some fascinating car technologies that might be interesting for you or your friends next car. These are the fresh examples of best inventions 2018 and one of them even won the CES Innovation Award. 


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Is inventiveness a matter of urban density?

What makes people inventive? For some reason there might be a few people who might argue that inventions come out way faster if people live in urban areas. In our little abstract we want to focus on the origin of inventiveness. So that we might find out some ways for businesses to improve their R&D Departments. Or maybe there is a possibilty to find out certain factors for inventiveness growth…


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