How growth teams create new innovations

The creation of new innovations is one of the most important abilities for modern businesses. The creation of new products is a key for creating new value for customers. The questions is: How do you build a team that really creates new stuff. The author of the Book Growth Hacking describes the team building process as follows. In his opinion growth and the ability for businesses to grow depends on the bordeless communication. The less boundaries communication in a company has to go through the more innovative is the company.    In contrast to this setting many business firms are organised in single, isolated departments, so called silos. Instead of spreading information from department to department most of the knowledge is


10 crazy parenting inventions for kids and babies

Babies are really exciting. But especially in the first month they can be really stressfull and create a lot of noise. Anyway they create a lot of happiness in their families. Invention ideas for kids can help families to have a more comfortable life. Furthermore some ideas are so fascinating that you should have a look at it. Sometimes nice and little invention ideas for kids can be a great surplus in your life. Therefore the best inventions for parenting will be shown in the upcoming article…   # 10 The baby carrier hoodie #9 Single Handle Extender #8 Baby Food Dispensing Spoon #7. Baby-Mop-Onesie #6 WhyCry Mini “Cry Analyzer.” #5  Baby Fun Plate #4 Crib Which Simulates The Feeling Of Being

Microsoft releases new XBox Elite Controller

Microsoft has just filed a patent which describes a completely free adaptable controller for the XBox console.  The new gaming accessoire can be configurated by the user. Each component is freely adjustable. The stability of the controller is guaranteed by a magnetic part. The plans of Microsoft seems to be to make literally every button on the gamepad replaceable. 

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4 easy ways to find fresh patents – Great Trademark databases

Trademarks are valuable and interesting today and in the future. There are certainly different ways how to search for patents, trademarks, ideas and licences. Sometimes an information can be useful and some search engines and databases can help you out. In the meantime the patent and trademark office will definitely help you out. But there are other sources for information as well.


2018 USPTO Awards – Patents for Humanity

All around the world it seems that more and more patents are utterly filling the markets. Hence the award winning invention are more and more  in the seeking interest of business and trading companies. The major aspect of a new invention is the “Money-Making-Effekt”.  From our point of view not only patents of all kind but especially patents for solving important problems should be honored in the right way. So does the uspto. Every year a few people receive awards for humanitarian invention that improved the situation in peoples life’s.The USPTO Patents for humanity award. We want to present some of the inventions to you and introduce the amazing power of these “Big deals”. The humitarian aspect puts a different

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Top 10 most valuable trademarks in 2018

What are the most valuable registered trademarks and which global trademark ranks #1? There are certainly different ways how to estimate the value of a company’s brand. Either way the best global trademarks are certainly far above average standards. Most of them are worldwide active and have international services and product bestsellers. In our short presentation we want to give you a slide information about the business size and an impression of each companies market value. The companies are the center of their nations economy and are surely Big Player all around the world. These companies belong to to the largest companies in the world. Walmart e.g. is the largest company in the world if number of employees is the


Patent application successful: Apple receives the double folding iPhone design patent

Good news for apple. The double folding design patent application has been successful. Besides the new patent the production of foldable display solutions has just emerged in the markets. Samsung also put efforts in the developement of a folding android version but actually did not come up with a product sale this quarter. In the last weeks Apple finished  another patent application. It describes a technology that foldes a display not only once but twice.   The patent describes – and illustrates – a folding iPhone design with the screen folded inside it, book-style; a design where the display wraps around the outside of the device, like a book cover. The new design idea can be imagined best by looking

5 most profitable patent ideas in the last years

In the following article we want to present some of the best patent ideas from US and all around the world  that just occurred in the last years. How did they effect businesses? Which US patent or international patent was sold to the most people and which company could profit from certain patents? Patents actually do have a great value for companies. The following examples will show the significance and importance for their owners.  


The copyright sign’s developement and why it is so important

Everyone knows them since labels came up in every branche of daily life. The copyright signs can be found as small signs just behind almost every well-known label. In nower days trademark signs have a quiet high significance. They protect labels from product piracy and other acts against the design or the product of any kind of label product. In addition the trademark symbol also verifies that a trademark receives full protection guarantees. But who started trademark  protections and who profit from protections…