Gaming: Nintendo Switch – The new evergreen video game console

Gaming: Nintendo Switch – The new evergreen video game console

According to latest sales results the Nintendo Switch seems to become the new Video Game evergreen Console. The sales results of Q4 2019 show an estimated 20% sales increase in the last month. The Corona Crisis might speed up the great sales results as far as people seem to spend more an more time in front of gaming applications at home.

The multitalent seems to be just right for lots of consumers. As Reggie Fils-Aimé reportet the Nintendo Switch has been sold best compared to all other Nintendo Video Game Consoles in the past. The Nintendo Switch also sold more copies than the Nintendo GameCube. The new invention was one of the best inventions in the history of Nintendo Games.

Nintendo Switch Sales: 2017-2019

Nintendo Switch

In the future more an more games might come up. The video game console has been released worldwide in most regions on March 3, 2017. Anyway the great run on the video game plattform has not yet ended. And Nintendo night introduce more and more games. 

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The video gaming sector shows that there are also some winners in the big crisis. And the competitors like the Microsoft Xbox might also achieve better results.

Nintendo Switch: “My way to play”

The new slogan “My way to play” somehow describes the new feature of the video console. It is really handy and can be used as mobile handheld or fullscreen application. This flexibility might be the key ability, which makes the console so attractive. The Joy‑Con controllers e.g. create flexibility and the handheld mode, creates mobility.

The Nintendo switch appears as a complete versatile gameset equipped for many various situations that will embrace many gamers.

Nintendo Games might be a source to relax and the flexibilty might be just the right advantage in modern times. Especially if you want to slow down from work or just have a good time.


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