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Cool invention ideas for the future


Cool invention ideas can be helpful in your business and in your daily life. But good invention ideas can be rare sometimes. Some firms seldom create something new. And that’s why they are sometimes getting into trouble. If you do not improve the productivity of your invention, the creativity of your firm might be lifesaving. The development of new ideas and good invention also depends on the spending on R&D.

Companies have to build structured departments that focus on their inventiveness. The creation cannot be part of the main business because it would be too interruptive. But in the meantime, after half a year a new development can help companies to gain growth in new sectors. Many companies question the high costs for R&D but it is not a question that the most inventive companies gain most profits in many businesses. Amazon and Microsoft are not only great companies because the deliver there service but also because they reinvent there business from time to time. In fact the new world moves on. And not only the internet but also the media and many other future orientated sectors recreate themselves.

Invention ideas networks – The creation of easy invention ideas

That’s why many firms start to seek for new ideas. And many inventors started to ask themselves:  How can I submit my invention idea? How can I sell my invention idea? This demand for ideas and the interest to sell ideas started to shape new internet groups.  Networks like, or are known as  platform for creators and creative personnel. Companies can look for new products and new invention ideas and sometimes buy them. Some networks already created real bestsellers on the basis of new ideas.

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And the creation sometimes really is not easy. It is not hard to tell that people like to spend a lot of money for the development. So the idea of crowdsourcing the ideas on independent platforms came up. This development speed up the invention of ideas. The problem of high development costs was solved and the advantage of a big pile of ideas was created in short period of time. The following list displays networks that gather ideas and afterwards sell the products. Both inventors and producers profit from their partnership.



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  • Kickstarter
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  • Makerspaces in your community
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  • US Patent Office
  • Seedfund Government Grant Programs
  • Shark Tank

The long list shows that the process of creating new ideas has been improved and the number of companies creating and looking for new ideas has increased immensely. The future will also depend on creators and companies that look out for creative ideas. Of course not every new idea will result in a special top seller. But on the other hand some companies would not exist any longer without the creation of new ideas.


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What are invention ideas?

That is the big question. In order to call an idea an invention ideas it has to have certain qualification. Likewise patents have to fulfill certain conditions. The idea has to be new and that means that it has not been registered yet. Old fashioned ideas cannot be called invention idea today. That’s logic. So the next property is a certain usage. The idea has to improve a special process, product or method. The last property is the value of the idea. If the idea is useless it is not an invention idea. So the improvement or the upgrade of a product should create a new value. This quality leads to another way of working and producing invention ideas. A new way of thinking was important to start new ideas.

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Entrepreneural thinking – the basis of new invention ideas and new working conditions

The entrepreneurial thinking is the basis of the new product. The process of turning invention ideas into products is complicated. That’s why universities start to come up with think tanks as well. The need for new ideas also shaped new working conditions. Many people create rooms where they can be extraordinary creative.

The working conditions in firms of mass production had to fulfill totally different needs. The standardization process and the need for high volumes of products had to follow other rules. Every change in the routine cost time and reduced the produced number of products. That’s why they were restricted.

While mass production needed discipline and strict rules invention process depended on more time and space. The modern companies like Dropbox, Apple and Microsoft shaped new working standards. New business areas opened and the focus of work life balance was stressed more than ever.

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Only a few month ago Microsoft started a 4 days week for their employers in order to prevent burn out. Also in the future people in modern companies might follow other rules than regular working staff. The different tasks and the need for different outcomes created new worlds.

Good examples for new invention ideas

A new invention in the car market is the biometric car access. Apple already introduced its fingerprint technology and now the entrance of modern cars will be locked by biometric – fingerprint or retina scanning.

new invention ideas

Sensor technologies

New sensor technologies will increase the ability of cars to make autonomous decision like a autopilot in an aircraft. The technologies will be able to react more precisely and intervene if necessary.  


New Display technologies will make active Window Displays possible. The (HUD) Head-Up-Display will be able to display vibrant images. A new feature which will raise navigations systems on a complete new level.

Remote vehicle shutdown

The remote vehicle shutdown can stop a stolen car immediately. The security of a car is on a higher level than ever before.


All these inventions a really good examples of inventions that create a new reality. People will be able to perceive new product qualities that raise service, security, elegance and many more properties. In fact these properties make new features special and unique. Customers are longing for these features and the future is open for every special and  new invention idea.   

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