5 most innovative companies in the US

5 most innovative companies in the US


The best companies all around the world try to sell their products as good as possible. But in addition most of the companies are also trying to keep up their product’s uniqueness. In order to protect each product, product managers and research consultants are trying to find more and better product features to keep their products best…


The achievements can be quite impressive. We are going to present some really innovative companies to you, that are actually trying to be as smart and as unique as possible. Sometimes the inventiveness can be measured also by sales growth rates. This also shows if the new inventions are not only brand-new features but also and already accepted in the market. The results are interesting


Tesla is one of the role models in the USA. The innovative Car company designs cars like the Modell T and were the first to invent an electric car. The company has got 67% growth rate and also a high invention density in their product range.


Facebook is a really innovative business. Don’t forget: Facebook unites Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook itself in it’s company. The large growth rates undermine this great development. 55 Billion US $ revenue and round about 35.000 employees make Facebook an empire nationless empire. 


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Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a business that sells several pharmaceutical products in the research fields of viral infections, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, and cancer. The company created 3 Billion $ US revenue and was one of the 



ServiceNow created growth rates around 40% which is really amazing. The cloud computing company based in California, USA. More than 6.000 employees created an income of 42 Mio US$.


Our last company Incyte also developed growth rates around 40% and created a revenue of 1,5 Mrd US$.


These companies belong to the most innovative companies  in the US. They stand for new products and future orientated leaderships. While Facebook and Tesla are really well known around the world some of these companies are really unknown. 

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