Microsoft releases new XBox Elite Controller


Microsoft has just filed a patent which describes a completely free adaptable controller for the XBox console.  The new gaming accessoire can be configurated by the user. Each component is freely adjustable. The stability of the controller is guaranteed by a magnetic part. The plans of Microsoft seems to be to make literally every button on the gamepad replaceable. 

The picture shows the adaptability and the possibilty to re-adjust certain parts of the controller. Though it is not clear yet  how the controller will look like in detail a broad view already shows the new advantages. The design is completely user orientated.The new functionalities will create a new individual gaming adventure. We are already exited about the next news and what will be presented in the following weeks. Maybe the new version of the Microsoft XBox Controller will soon appear in stores. For now it is only a prediction but this gamepad might be a real game changer. Either way it is a creative invention, a good product idea and might be an interesting present for all gamers.



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