Invention of the internet as an evolution of media

How has the internet been invented? Who invented it actually? How many people use the internet today? The invention of the internet is one of the most fundamental inventions ever. The usage of the internet created not only a medium but also established a culture and created a digital transformation that is not over yet. The medium is part of our daily life and since they internet is also available on mobile phones it is almost omnipresent at every spot in the whole world. 

The beginning of the internet’s development goes back to the late 60’s. The basic technology “packet switching” was invented in the early 1960’s. It recreated the internet functionality and so it became possible to connect PCs. The first running internet has been called ARPANET –  Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. A project that was initially financed by the ministry of defense. The uptodate technology followed as Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf developed Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, or TCP/IP, a communications model that set standards for how data could be transmitted between multiple networks.

This model is still the standard technology today. So while it is not really clear who invented the internet because it consisted and still consists of so many parts that pop together, the inventors of the basics Kahn and Cerf more or less invented the basic language. They created the requirements and somehow paved the way towards nowadays internet as we all know it.


The evolution of the internet

The internet today is far way more than it used to be. Starting as a complete raw computer connection the internet rose to a really multifunctional high tec application for social, financial and organizational exchange processes in many ways. The speed and the today’s real-time functionalities make the internet one of the most valuable media inventions that has ever been made.The next step of cloud computing has just begun. It will transform the way people use programs and features by streaming almost every service in an on demand process.


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The invention of the internet not only created a new medium but also changed the way we work, the way we live and of course the way we buy certain products. The internet gave us so much flexibility that we can actually chose if we want to buy things in a store or if we simply stay at home. The invention of the internet also connected mobile devices so that the digital part of our life can be used everywhere in anyplace at anytime.It is strange but without the internet our whole life would work totally different.