Today everyone is talking about SEO. Anyone who wants to optimize their blog is therefore always looking for SEO measures that actually work and show a certain efficiency. But SEO is not an overly complex discipline either. When you want to make money with blogging you have to keep the discipline. There are just a few important rules to follow so that your own website remains competitive. SEO lives from constant comparison, from content updates and media enhancements. So if you manage to develop your own pages cleverly and cleverly, step by step, you will survive in the ranking competition in the future.

In addition, the website should also be in good technical condition. The following article shows which other tips and SEO measures can be helpful. You also have the option of downloading the SEO measures checklist as a pdf free of charge….

1. Optimize text length and make money with blogging

Every text should have a certain text length. It is very rare that a post in the Top10 does not contain 1000 or in some places many more words. Therefore, the top priority counts. Write texts with sufficient depth. Anyone who only briefly and superficially lectures on topics will not be able to establish their website far ahead. One of the # 1 SEO measures is indeed the comprehensive writing and rewriting of topics. The motto here is very different from sales: Write a good story with lots of details and your site will be a complete success. SEO measures checklist pdf.

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Make money with blogging

2. Put backlinks in articles with related content

Backlinks are important. But they should also appear in thematically appropriate articles, otherwise they will not have the desired effect. Of course, links in other subject areas can also be useful if the target group can be found there. In general, however, the thematic proximity should be taken into account.

3. Create regular posts and make money with blogging

The regularity of the postings also plays a major role. Those who regularly distribute content are also better indexed by the crawlers. Pages with rare posts tend to be neglected. So it comes down to presenting a certain rhythm. Otherwise the good results will not be seen. Of course, you should also pay attention to the breadth of the content. Anyone who reports comprehensively on a topic and illuminates many facets as regularly as possible will soon be recognized as an expert. A content plan should therefore be part of the standard if you want to post content on a regular basis.

4. Regular updating your sitemap

Anyone who runs a blog and regularly posts content online should update the sitmap after a certain amount of time. The online services can also be used for this purpose. A sitemap generator simplifies indexing for search engines and ensures a better ranking factor. This also prevents content from being temporarily not found.


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5. Exciting headlines

Only a good headline has the power to attract new visitors. So if you can formulate well, you have great advantages. Above all, a promise should be built. In the best case scenario, this creates an arc of suspense that ends when the promise is redeemed. One of the top SEO measures is definitely the optimization of the headlines.

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Make money with blogging

6. Technical SEO factors

Technical SEO factors are also very important now. A slow website in particular severely limits the usability of a page. It is important to counteract this with the appropriate tools. A caching tool or a compression tool can already ensure that the page content is loaded much faster. In addition, JS and CSS files should be optimized so that the loading times remain manageable. CSS in particular can also be loaded inline in places. Lazyload images are also extremely important in order to remain competitive, especially in the mobile sector. The technical optimization should be permanent. After all, changes can occur at any time or page content may have changed due to updates. You should keep an eye on it at all times so as not to lose any rankings on Google.

7. Elaborate meta description

The description often determines whether a page is clicked and visited or not. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to this description. If you come up with good descriptions, you can count on better click rates. If you create good descriptions, you will find that the click rate on the snippets improves. Symbols should be avoided. In the worst case, these can lead to penalties. If you want to be on the safe side, you should therefore use other solutions and only use symbols in the text. You can of course also find this point in our SEO measures checklist as a pdf. Above all, it is important that the keyword is included in the meta description. In addition, some essential information about the content should be given. It is best to end everything with a request, for example: Buy now or something similar …

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8. Use ads to make money and sell products

The SEO mechanisms can drive you a lot of traffic. Now in the final step you can make money with ads and products but also with affiliate marketing. This method will make you a lot of money if you manage to create traffic. Because your readers might also buy your products. So do not hesitate to start a blog on your own. After a while you will be able to make some money. But you have to invest a lot of work before you can actually monetize your blog. If you want to know more about how to make money with apps watch the following video….

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