Explore 5 great techniques to create invention ideas right now

One big question of modern and dynamic companies today is how to invent faster than a competitor. What can you do in order to be more creative? Lots of people might think there is no recipe for making invention ideas. We do not believe either. But there are certain ways and techniques that might make the occasion of a new invention more likely.

1. Start to do some research

 We can consider to start researching on some special issues and the following patents. So we might get a clue how the invention ideas started to grow. This might be a first step to get closer the way of thinking or the process which is actually needed to invent. The more you know about creative and new products the more you get a clue of how inventing might actually work.

2. Movies can have an inspirational effect

We can also try to keep up beiing open minded by watching movies you usually do not or start learning to juggle. Try to read books you usually would not. The result is that your creativity might be improved and your perspective on the way certain problems can be solved might change in a different way. You can visit random art museums or play chess. All these will improve your abilities to invent or create new things. In our article we want to present some great techniques how to invent…

3. How to come up with new inventon ideas?

An almost ancient strategy in order to find new ideas is brainstorming. Simply write down anything that comes up to you mind and combine certain ideas. The brainstorming technique is also used to solve big problems and reach new topics. Creativity training is important for business innovation. Creativity coaches are rarely to find and only a few people can be called inventive. The first obstacle standing right in front of the invention is the function of our brain. It is broadly divided in two division of thinking. The left hemisphere is dominated by writing, calculating. The right brain deals with the senses and movement of the left side of the body together with creativity, the interpretation ofshape and the relationship of objects in space. So in gerneral we will need the right hemisphere to start shaping new designs e.g. It is a pity that most of the peoples left side of the brain is also dominant, so that there is another blocking feature in human’s nature. 

4. The six thinking hats technique

Another much less known technique is the “Six thinking hats”. This method guarantees that people slip into specified roles For example the group wants to look upon the problem from the point of a critical person. The focus is fixed upon morality, legality. In the next step the group shifts into an emtional point of view – the red hat. Feelings and emotions should now drive the process. And finally the group should find green hat position where new ideas, options and opportunities lead towards the solution. The combination of 6 perspectives will create a bunsh of solutions that can be rated in a final validation process.

5. Business process re-engineering

The Re-engineering process is even more structured by clear questions. What, where, when, who, how? The BPR technique is a controll technique to somehow revisit the final questions. It is helps to fugure out which of the ideas are most suitable for a given problem. The best solutions can be picked to be finally validated in the last round. The final validation round. Now you got to know some really interesting Creative Thinking Techniques so that you can find a way how to invent.

We hope this has been helpful for you. 

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