5 ways how to find 100% amazing invention ideas?
good invention ideas

5 ways how to find 100% amazing invention ideas?


Well, it is not that easy to find a good idea and especially when it comes to a new invention idea it is even harder. You need a lot of creativity and sometimes people simply do not have that. Really good invention ideas in english are rare. So far it seems clear that there need to be some methods or helpful routines that might help you out.

1. Get inspired

First of all a rather good technique to find some new inventions is to be inspired by some old inventions. It is a good way to get some interesting development. Especially the junctions between invention problem and solution might inspire a creation of a new product or a good invention idea. The following Tweet shows the presentation of some really interesting invention ideas.

But what if there is nothing that inspires you as much as you needed it. So you have to find another way. Sometimes invention platforms can help to find a good invention idea..

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2. Creative platforms: Inventhelp – The invention platform

The platform invent help is kind of a big deal. And it not only helps inventing new stuff. It also fosters the production of good invention ideas. The final results sometimes get best sellers and the inventors can actually profit from their invention.

And Inventhelp guides you through the whole process. It is really easy to hand in an idea and the knowledge which is necessary will be delivered in a short while.

3. Invention techniques

There are some techniques that might help to get a little bit more creative. They can build the framework for the invention process, but they do not create the invention themselves. Brainstorming e.g. can be helpful to gather good ideas.

Afterwards you can sort out what is not appropriate. The technique helps to rise the number of ideas more quickly.

4. Good invention ideas in english on youtube

Sometimes it is really easy and beneficial to watch some good YouTube videos. Therefore you should sometime check our some keywords and look for good invention ideas on YouTube. It is not that important if you like them you should rather just take everything as an inspiration.

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5. Get inspired by some idols

There are a lot of people that can be inspiring. The will show you that you can find inventions and create products that change the word….


Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

  • In the spirit of Steve Jobs and Moneyball, Elon Musk is both an illuminating and authorized look at the extraordinary life of one of Silicon Valley’s most exciting, unpredictable, and ambitious entrepreneurs–
  • a real-life Tony Stark
  • a fascinating exploration of the renewal of American invention and its new “makers.”
  • Elon Musk spotlights the technology and vision of Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and innovator behind SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity, who sold one of his Internet companies, PayPal, for $1.5 billion.


Inventing is nothing that can be learned from one day to another. You have to be creative or you have to get inspired to create something totally new. Networks and techniques can help to invent something new.

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