How growth teams create new innovations

How growth teams create new innovations


The creations of new innovations is one of the most important abilities for modern businesses. The creation of new products is a key for creating new value for customers. The questions is: How do you build a team that really creates new stuff. The author of the Book Growth Hacking describes the team building process as follows. In his opinion growth and the ability for businesses to grow depends on the borderless communication. The less boundaries communication in a company has to go through the more innovative is the company. 

In contrast to this setting many business firms are organized in single, isolated departments, so called silos. Instead of spreading information from department to department most of the knowledge is primarily kept in each silo. The innovative feature of fluid knowledge organization gets stuck. In order to keep up a good new innovations spirit he found out that the creation of growth teams was a key factor to extract new innovations again. 

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New innovations

1. Lead of the group

The leader of the group has to take most of the decisions for the group. It is the most powerful but also the position with the most responsibility. As well as all the other teammates he has to bring in a certain experience in either of the following disciplines. Marketing, engineering, product management or data science. The main task of the leader is to set the course of experimentation. He can be described as part manager, part product owner and part scientist. The key of the role is to be the manager of the team and beeing part of the idea generation as well. The role is only a part time leading task but even more focussed on product improvement and experimentation. 

2. Product Manager

The product Manager is somehow the CEO of the product itself. He is a specialist in customer surveying and product development. He is a main contributor in the idea generation process. Especially at the beginning of the growth process product managers are really important. Later on they are supported especially by marketing and data analysis specialists.

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3. Software Engineering

The people who actually build the product and write the code for the product are often the guys who set up and change the product features. Although they are the core of many IT Projects they are finally just taking clear orders. In many cases they are not even in the idea creation process. But their expertise is really important and sometimes they find touchpoints where improvement and new inventions can be set up. 

4. Marketing Specialists

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The marketing specialist brings fresh air in the field of engineering in a growth team. Especially when it comes to customer needs marketing specialists can help and evaluate if certain product features are interesting in local or global market environments. In addition they help to spread out the idea with content marketing techniques or Search Engine Optimization. They are necessary in all stages of the product development process to create new innovations.

5. Data Analyst

The data analyst helps to gain valuable information on the project in general. Customer data, insights can be interesting for the idea generation process and will clarify the product features. Certain developments in customers behavior can  be helpful to identify habits or behaviors that might change the product.  Data Scientists are not key members of a team but they can be helpful when problems cannot be solved or further insights in the buying process are needed.

6. Product Designers

The product designers are responsible for product drawings, graphic design and promotions. One important feature of modern products is the user design.The more a product runs intuitive the better the product designer has done his job. And in times of rising comfort features product designers are more and more important. 


The team positions show how diverse the knowledge of the members is. Each of them is valuable for the idea creation and the success of a product. The goal of modern businesses is to implement these teams for products or product branches. The benefit might be more interesting, innovative products, better communication across the team and high outcomes. Following the description of the  team also shows that the growth teams are vital,dynamic and more often heterogeneous with a lot of skills.


Most of the knowledge is already in the group, so that the problem of knowledge flow across departments is effeting them less likely. If the single charakters fit to together the chances to create great products is really high. Innovative potential is also a key point for a business to survive in the market. Modern and new innovations keep companies in the game and they are less likely to run out of money. If you are interested in innovative companies check out the top 10 most innovative companies. They seem to have no problems in implementing growth teams and an inventive company culture. Maybe they find the key to success more often then other companies who just work in seperated silos on themselves. If companies are successful in creating a fruitful and dynamic culture  great new innovations will be the result as well.

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Source: Growth Hacking by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

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