How Corona shapes new inventions

How Corona shapes new inventions


The Corona crises can also be seen as a invention boost in some sort of branches. While the crises shapes new necessities the inventions are more focussed on problems that are closely linked to the crises itself. Inventions that are based on video technologies and equipment that is suitable for the vaccination was more likely to be developed more or less because there is a new need for it. The corona crisis also shaped new businesses and will influence the economy more than ever.

Corona Crises increased the workforce working from home by large numbers. Many people were forced to work in home offices. New communication channels and video software was necessary to stay tuned. Therefore many new inventions appeared. Webcams, video software, onscreen workflow software and many more abilities were urgent for many people in a short period of time.

Especially in the beginning of the crisis social sharing platforms reached higher engagement than ever before. This is really one of the first effects during the crisis because people had so much more time to spend on social media. Furthermore many young people did not have to go to school. This also had an impact on the increase of social media usage in the first months of the crisis. This development also pushed the demand for new search algorithms. People wanted to know about what other people were looking for most of the time.

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Staying at home – the rise of video channels and streaming services

Youtube and Zoom grew in 2020 more intense than before. The channels on Youtube grew faster and more videos were produced by users that actually had to stay at home. New microphones and video equipment was invented course more and more users were longing for more quality broadcasting. The demand more or less pushed the inventions in the market. Also web applications were used more intensively.

Not to forget streaming services like Netflix. Spending time at home also creates more spaces for TV and streaming services. In the last quarter of the crisis this increase might slow down, but some patterns will definitely stay because many people are just too focussed on a comfortable life.

The new home-centered life during the crisis

While many people in the healthcare sector still go to work like before the crisis many employees work from home most of the time. This development is clearly a push for smart home inventions of any kind. The focus on better living conditions which is shaped by gadgets to make your home more comfortable became more interesting as well. Staying at home also had an impact on our relations and the mental state. The crisis led to some extreme situations that were shaped by social exclusion, loneliness and demanding pressure. But how can you focus on your self and still get the best performance?

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