Great Inventions of the past century

Great Inventions of the past century


Great inventions always had an impact on our lives. Sometimes great inventions improved productivity, sometimes they solved big problems and sometimes they simply turned an old idea to something totally new. Not in all cases the inventions were really helpful But most of the great inventions were so important that most of us cannot even imagine a live without them. They were just too crucial and had such an changing effect that some of these inventions were called disruptive innovations. They did not only added a new feature but they improved a certain product and lifted them on a higher level… 

Learning to fly

Flugzeug, Brüder Wright, Gebrüder Wright, Flugzeugbau

At the beginning of the last century the Wright Brothers started to fly with an aeroplane. They managed to fly more than 100 meters in their attempts. Later on the distance could be improved. The amazing achievements must have been great. Today many people fly almost every day and the thought to live without flying would really scare them.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power was to the twentieth century what steam power had been to the nineteenth: a game changer.

Nuclear power plants had an game changing effect on the faciliation of electricity. The pure production of more the 1000 MW really created possibilities that were impossible before. The provision of electricity in such an easy way, lead towards a centralisation of the whole electricity market. Only a few power plants were able to supply many cities. This was absolutely new for many peolpe.


In the middle of the last century the television was invented. The TV really connected the world and spread messages way faster than any other media before.


Not well known but also babies of the last century is Rocketry. First attempts were made in the 19th century but finally the first results and rockets flew in the 20th century. They created the basis of a rocket that launched in the 1960s to fly to the moon and returned safe. Unbelievably a lot of attempts did not work out in the 1930s. Today many rockets are used as civilian flight objects to carry astronauts in the universe.

The Personal Computer

At the end of the last century the PC was invented and was tremendously fast carried out to all households. The introduction was made in the 80s and 90s. The PC was one of the last big inventions of the last century.


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There are many more inventions of course but only a few had such an impact and were spread out to the whole world by news, media or possesion. The story of inventions goes on and there is lots more to come soon.



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