4 easy ways to find fresh patents – Great Trademark databases
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4 easy ways to find fresh patents – Great Trademark databases


Trademarks are valuable and interesting today and in the future. There are certainly different ways how to search for patents, trademarks, ideas and licences. Sometimes an information can be useful and some search engines and databases can help you out. In the meantime the patent and trademark office will definitely help you out. But there are other sources for information as well.

A lot of people are looking for new and interesting trademarks. After a lot of trademarks have been registered, the possibility to look them up in special search engines can be quiet interesting. 

The first possibility can be accomplished at the place where the magic happens:

US patent and trademark office

The US patent and trademark office gives you the chance to look in a database of patens. The search features there are really interesting because you can check out wether your trademark already exists in a similar way. The homepage is really a source of information for inventors. The patent and trademark office offers a lot of information for inventors, entrepreneurs and many more. Design search features will help you out. Another way to find trademarks or patents is to look into the...

Wipo database

It is the World Intellectual Property Organisation's Database of Brands. Official brands from all over the world are registrated there. The great advantage of this database is that you will find a lot of trademark with there logos and images in a direct trademark search. Last but not least we can recommend the trademark search engine to find the invention your are looking for...

Trademark Search Engine

The trademark search engine provides a lot of report functions. Nevertheless a good version is not free. If you want to download a report you have to pay for it monthly. There is also the possibility to apply directly for the trademark you want to register. It is kind of a service for the uspta because they are closely connected and can look into the database as well. 

Trademark best of reports

Another way to find out more details about trademarks is to look up the information in forbes magazin. They publish trademark and brand reports on a regular basis. But these are only lists of well known brands. If you are looking for new and smaller brands you have to research in databases.

Lastly you can browse companies in google search engine or look up some brands by using the picture search. Some interesting brands and trademarks might appear on this trademark search route. That is the most simple way to find your invention really quickly.

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