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Cointiply is one of the fastest growing platforms where you can earn money. The platform offers a lot of tasks that are rewarded with Coins. Just enter and you can make money in only a few days. The great advantage of Cointiply. You can play games, take surveys, watch videos or ads or just install new apps to make money.

Cointiply is absolutely free for everyone. There are several ways to earn Bitcoin every day. Here are the most favorite ways to make money every day…

How can you make money with Cointiply?

There are actually over 20 ways to earn free Bitcoin. It is very easy…

  • Collect free daily Coins from our faucet.
  • Redeem free promo codes.
  • Paid out more than $1,000,000 to our users.
  • Complete daily surveys.
  • Play fun games.
  • Watch short videos.
  • View Paid to Click ads (PTC Ads).
  • Chat with other crypto currency enthusiasts and earn while you chat.
  • Frequent bonus days, coin boosts & giveaways.
  • Loyalty bonuses up to 2x the rewards.
  • Withdraw your Coins to your Bitcoin wallet, or Doge Coin wallet.
  • And much more!
Earn Free Bitcoin

Cointiply has been a trusted source for earning free Bitcoin & Doge Coin for over two years. Join over 1.9 million members in your quest to earn crypto currency.

Cointiply already has more than 500.000 Users. The platform already paid more than 1 Million $ to their users and it is still growing very quickly. And another advantage is , that you do not have to pay for it. It is absolutely free.

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Collect free daily coins from the Cointiply faucet

With Cointiply you can collect many coins day by day. Every day you get the chance to run the faucet. You have the chance to win up to 100.000 coins. This wheel of fortune will earn you money literally every day. You only have to spin the “wheel” and you will see your number. The following points are possibly your next win.

  • 1-69.999: 28 coins
  • 70.000-89.999: 45 coins
  • 90.000-96.999: 88coins
  • 97.000-98.999: 163 coins
  • 99.000-99.998: 350 coins

And this is only one game that you can play on the platform. Maybe you can also try the Cointiply Multiplier

The Cointiply Multiplier will double your coins

The Cointiply Multiplier is a bet. You can bet as many coins as you want. This a great chance to double your coins. If you are lucky you can increase your coin number really quickly. There is even the chance to win 61 x of your bet. Winning bitcoin can be very attractive because this is real money. You can withdraw all your coins from Cointiply to your bitcoin wallet. That is possible all the time. Your money is save. You can join Cointiply really easy. You just have to sign in now and you can start to earn coins right from the start.

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Why you have to join soon?

The platform is growing really fast. There might be membership fees if you so not hurry up. At the moment the platform is completely free for all members. And furthermore it is big fun to play and earn money. While you are playing you can also start other tasks like surveys. This diversity makes Cointiply really attractive to people who want to earn some money independently….

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