The difference  between innovation and invention and the significance for your business

The difference between innovation and invention and the significance for your business


An invention is very often also innovative, although the words are cannot be used interchangeably. They are not really synonyms and they are used very often this way. In this article we are going to explain the difference and why both invention and innovation is crucial for a good company.

If you look in a dictionary you will find a clear expression of invention. There are certain condition that have to be fulfilled in order to get the status of an invention. The invention is new and so never been there before. The new invention brings a certain value to the user that did not exist before. Patented ideas are actually inventions.

innovation and invention

Why being innovative can be more important than being inventive

The innovation is not necessarily new. The innovation can be based on an old invention which is actually improved or “innovated” in a certain manner. The innovation is a more market centered process in which invention are applied to the needs of a user. Most innovation are user-optimized inventions.

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That’s why most business love it when people call them innovative. Still is often misunderstood. Because it does not mean they are leading in the field of patent applications. For example many industrial producer of cars or household machine have not actually invented most of their products. But they are really good in shaping products that improve certain processes or existing inventions to suit the user.


An invention can be new and still useless for a user if the most important cannot be integrated. Only an innovative product will be valuable and can make the difference in the future. Your business must be able to apply certain new feature in existing products in a way that customers profit the most from the advantage.


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