Famous inventors #1: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is definitely one of the most shiny personalities when it comes to inventiveness and great invention ideas. He got one of the richest persons in the world and owns many modern and future orientated businesses. Elon Musk is not only the CEO of Tesla, the inventor of the model T but also owner of many other new economy firms. He got several awards like a popstar for his inventions. He is part of the Royal Society since 2018 and was Businessperson of the Year 2013 which is a honor prize by Fortune Magazine. The different Models of Tesla are only one part of Tesla’s and Elon Musk’s substantial work. The creativitiy and the future orientation of Tesla is

crypto currency

Cryptocurrencies have not spread out their entire impacts yet

Crypto currencies re-engineered the banking and finance industry from top to bottom. The fundamental changes have a deep impact on the financial systems and might also affect out daily life’s in the near future. Bitcoin is already running and further currencies are just implemented. Although the Facebook’s Libra has to face certain problems and criticism the tendency towards modern currencies that are not affected by exchange rate instabilities seems really strong. The question still is which currency will win the race and if maybe more than one currency will survive the future challenges…. Bitcoin still is the big star of the branch. Undoubtedly Bitcoin was able to spread high amounts of money across the world and besides managed a tremendous

Great Inventions of the past century

Great inventions always had an impact on our lives. Sometimes great inventions improved productivity, sometimes they solved big problems and sometimes they simply turned an old idea to something totally new. Not in all cases the inventions were really helpful But most of the great inventions were so important that most of us cannot even imagine a live without them. They were just too crucial and had such an changing effect that some of these inventions were called disruptive innovations. They did not only added a new feature but they improved a certain product and lifted them on a higher level…  Learning to fly At the beginning of the last century the Wright Brothers started to fly with an aeroplane.

Beyond Meat’s #1 vegan sausage best invention in 2018

Believe it or not. The vegan sausage from Beyond Meat is now an official award winning surprise. The vegan sausage was announced “Best Invention of 2018” by the famous Time Magazine. The sausage had come out as the second great product prepared by Beyond Meat who initially started with a Burger that also almost tastes like a real meat Burger.  But what makes vegan sausages and burgers so cool and why will they also shape a complete new food movement… They are really trendy and more than welcome to many customers who want to keep up a special lifestyle. The vegatarian’s paradigm not only to live and eat more healthy but also in a much more sustainable way is the

100% innovations for business that guarantee your stability

Businesses are always looking for innovations. In fact there are a lot of companies that are desperately looking for new innovations with larger R&D Departments. The invention is quite clear. In the future only the most inventive and most productive companies will survive in the battle of higher competitiveness. A business innovation can be a game changer in many ways. And not only product innovations are interesting. As big companies like Tesla, Bitcoin and many other firms show: The high potential of new inventions can lead to new success products and even success branches. But as these companies also show is that nothing is without high invention risks. In the long-term companies have to check in in a world that


8 amazing facts about trademarks and patents 2018 [Infographic]

Patents and trademarks are really important for a lot of businesses. The increase of patent filings in the last 4-5 years is tremendous as well. Many R&D Departments work hard to improve new technologies. Finally after long terms of hard work a new invention or innovation can be presented. The questions is: Is it worth the costs? In our article we already discussed the levers of growth. New patents are definitly a part of a modern growth strategy in any business. Some interesting patent facts can be found in our new infografic.More and more people want to invent in order to improve products and processes.   8 interesting Patent facts We want to gather some  important and interesting facts about

How growth teams create new innovations

The creation of new innovations is one of the most important abilities for modern businesses. The creation of new products is a key for creating new value for customers. The questions is: How do you build a team that really creates new stuff. The author of the Book Growth Hacking describes the team building process as follows. In his opinion growth and the ability for businesses to grow depends on the bordeless communication. The less boundaries communication in a company has to go through the more innovative is the company.    In contrast to this setting many business firms are organised in single, isolated departments, so called silos. Instead of spreading information from department to department most of the knowledge is


10 crazy parenting inventions for kids and babies

Babies are really exciting. But especially in the first month they can be really stressfull and create a lot of noise. Anyway they create a lot of happiness in their families. Invention ideas for kids can help families to have a more comfortable life. Furthermore some ideas are so fascinating that you should have a look at it. Sometimes nice and little invention ideas for kids can be a great surplus in your life. Therefore the best inventions for parenting will be shown in the upcoming article…   # 10 The baby carrier hoodie #9 Single Handle Extender #8 Baby Food Dispensing Spoon #7. Baby-Mop-Onesie #6 WhyCry Mini “Cry Analyzer.” #5  Baby Fun Plate #4 Crib Which Simulates The Feeling Of Being

Microsoft releases new XBox Elite Controller

Microsoft has just filed a patent which describes a completely free adaptable controller for the XBox console.  The new gaming accessoire can be configurated by the user. Each component is freely adjustable. The stability of the controller is guaranteed by a magnetic part. The plans of Microsoft seems to be to make literally every button on the gamepad replaceable. 


2018 USPTO Awards – Patents for Humanity

All around the world it seems that more and more patents are utterly filling the markets. Hence the award winning invention are more and more  in the seeking interest of business and trading companies. The major aspect of a new invention is the “Money-Making-Effekt”.  From our point of view not only patents of all kind but especially patents for solving important problems should be honored in the right way. So does the uspto. Every year a few people receive awards for humanitarian invention that improved the situation in peoples life’s.The USPTO Patents for humanity award. We want to present some of the inventions to you and introduce the amazing power of these “Big deals”. The humitarian aspect puts a different