Fact Sheet: What is patentability?

Whenever businesses want to patent an idea or a product the whole process has to meet the patentability criteria. Because any invention has to fulfill a certain standard that consists of 3 certain criteria. You might have also heard of the fact that some products are patent eligible. The proper meaning of both terms will be explained in the following lines…. The core of patentability consists of three parts. They will be described in the next chapter. They are basically novelty, obviousness and usefulness. They have to be fulfilled somehow. Novel Non-obvious Useful Every invention must be novel, non obvious and useful. In any other cases the product will not get the patent honor. This is the classic routine of


Walmart gained patent to eavesdrop on shoppers – Where are the benefits?

The retail giant Walmart gained the patent to eavesdrop on shoppers and record audio signals in their stores. In a time where data privacy and and scandals around Facebook are really common, this development is not surprising. But what are the benefits after one year?  And in addition the question comes up, where might businesses and employees draw a line? The benefits for Walmart are quiet clear. The system is capable of detecting almost all sounds: Voices, signals and sounds at the checkout. The the goals is to improve the evaluation of checkout and to increase employee performance and customer satisfaction. The whole system should improve the shopping efficiency Anyway the discussion should not end at this point. The protection


8 amazing facts about trademarks and patents 2018 [Infographic]

Patents and trademarks are really important for a lot of businesses. The increase of patent filings in the last 4-5 years is tremendous as well. Many R&D Departments work hard to improve new technologies. Finally after long terms of hard work a new invention or innovation can be presented. The questions is: Is it worth the costs? In our article we already discussed the levers of growth. New patents are definitly a part of a modern growth strategy in any business. Some interesting patent facts can be found in our new infografic.More and more people want to invent in order to improve products and processes.   8 interesting Patent facts We want to gather some  important and interesting facts about


Patent application successful: Apple receives the double folding iPhone design patent

Good news for apple. The double folding design patent application has been successful. Besides the new patent the production of foldable display solutions has just emerged in the markets. Samsung also put efforts in the developement of a folding android version but actually did not come up with a product sale this quarter. In the last weeks Apple finished  another patent application. It describes a technology that foldes a display not only once but twice.   The patent describes – and illustrates – a folding iPhone design with the screen folded inside it, book-style; a design where the display wraps around the outside of the device, like a book cover. The new design idea can be imagined best by looking

5 most profitable patent ideas in the last years

In the following article we want to present some of the best patent ideas from US and all around the world  that just occurred in the last years. How did they effect businesses? Which US patent or international patent was sold to the most people and which company could profit from certain patents? Patents actually do have a great value for companies. The following examples will show the significance and importance for their owners.  

The patent application: Small steps till you get a patent

Patents, licences and trademarks are not that easy to get in the United States. But as an entrepreneur it is sometimes important to save your brand, your idea or even your products if people tend to copy them. So there is no other way but to aply for a patent. But where can you get the key information? Who is responsible for your patent application? Some questions will be answered in the following article… The best place you might possibly go in order to get the patent application is the central website of the USPT (United States Patent and Trademark Office). If you wish for any information concerning fees and and payments the certain tables can help a lot.   The