2019 brand new technologies of popular inventions

Which kind of technologies will foster the brand-new inventions of 2019? The year has just passed the first quarter but we already want to know some best inventions of 2019. Well although this is not so much time, we already found some great new inventions of 2019. But what is so special about them? Our article will show you 3 brand-new technologies that might change the world…

Flying cars

As Airbus just introduced the Air taxis and was able to show a already flying version as a test version. In less than 6 years air taxis should be available in larger cities. The development will enable communities to transport up to 4 passengers in a taxi which should fly from station to station. The long term goal is to implement air taxis that will be affordable for regular passenger transport.  Later on in 10 or 15 years these air taxis might also replace regular cars and the old-fashioned helicopters.

Self-healing Materials

The self-healing-materials are not a new concept, ancient Indians, Egyptians used this technology to build their houses, temples and traditional structures to last through the ages thousands of years ago. Selfhealing materials are quite similar to biological substances and behave like human skin. Since they are artificial or synthetically created, self-healing materials have a built-in ability to automatically repair damages to themselves without any external diagnosis or human intervention. Self-healing materials will help us to build self-repairing phones, gadgets, household appliances or even architectural structures like buildings and bridges. And, prevent them from damages and cracks by aging. The utopia of damaged materials that regenerate themselves whenever they are damaged might come true to some extend.

AI Integrated Surveillance Systems

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated surveillance systems are smart and intelligent. With the help of big data and deep-learning algorithms like behavior and facial recognition security cameras can predict potential vulnerabilities, menace and threats and alert police and other emergency agencies. AI-powered surveillance systems work by their own. They compare data with the connected national databases and detect criminals immediately. The fast connection of the devices and the synchronal flow of information can guarantee high system security in the future. The population can feel much safer. In addition the costs for expensive security personal can be decreased persistently. Hitachi and Nvidia both big companies in the tech sector are working on AI surveillance systems. This also shows the high significance of this modern technology. The implementation of new camera systems might also be included in modern households and public places in the same way. 

The benefits and advantages of AI-powered security cameras are clear. It much easier to predict menace. The technology can be especially helpful in order to track and identify terrorists in large crowds. Furthermore, less human intervention is necessary. Tracking missing children can be helpful as well.


These short invention examples give a slight impression of the future in 4-5 years. The developments will improve our daily life. Furthermore the convenience will make our life more comfortable and sometimes faster.