2018 USPTO Awards – Patents for Humanity

2018 USPTO Awards – Patents for Humanity


All around the world it seems that more and more patents are utterly filling the markets. Hence the award winning invention are more and more  in the seeking interest of business and trading companies. The major aspect of a new invention is the “Money-Making-Effekt”. 

From our point of view not only patents of all kind but especially patents for solving important problems should be honored in the right way. So does the uspto. Every year a few people receive awards for humanitarian invention that improved the situation in peoples life’s.The USPTO Patents for humanity award. We want to present some of the inventions to you and introduce the amazing power of these “Big deals”.

The humanitarian aspect puts a different light on the impulse and the motivation to try to find a solution, not which might just be a “nice-to-have-option” but a world changing development that makes the world a better place. Here are some of the winners.

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A modern drilling method by Russel Crawford 

His award winning best invention is situated in the world of supplying technologies. He was able to create an absolute new drilling method to secure the clean drinking water access. The great deal about the invention was the fact that the method should be inexpensive, totally easy to use and capable of use by only two dwellers. Quiet high limitation for a quiet complex technology.

Anyway, he was able to solve and the problem and furthermore pushed the wide spread out of his technology by a great charity action providing 1 Million dwells free of charge for developing countries. It is not worth mentioning that in countries where 30-50% of dwells are no longer suitable for drinking water this project is a golden star invention for a lot of people.

Ultra lightweight solar lamp by Alice Min Soo Chun

Bildergebnis für Solight Design Lamp Luminaid

The situation in places without electricity is extremely dangerous. The possibility to light a lamp can be life saving in many situation. Alice Min Soo Chun developed a solar lamp that is foldable and can be used by people living in relief camps. The lamp could be sold in 25 countries to help out in disastrous situation environments. A best invention award winning idea.

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Eli Rice Seeder by BB2C

Another great invention is the Eli Rice Seeder. The machine reduces the planting time from 320 hours to just two hours and saves 250kg/ha worth 200$. This method is able to improve crop yields and improve the subsistence rice farming activity for many woman.

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The Rice Seeder is not only a earnings maximizing technology it also reduces the exposure to parasites. The technology is used in order to shoot rice seeds under the soil using high-pressure air blasts at regular intervals.This invention also clearly improved the situation of many farmers and therefore deserved the USPTO Patent for Humanity Best Invention Award.

All winners and honorably mentions can be found at:

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