Innovative platforms for best invention ideas and patent search

Innovative platforms for best invention ideas and patent search


Where can you find great inventions or great invention ideas? We are going to present you some really cool invention platforms that present fresh and unique ideas that make your business run or give you more innovative spirit. Right now it is always important to be creative. Platforms, networks and invention groups can build spaces to gather a lot of information. And interestingly some networks already started to gain profits form their own invention network.

Quirky – a great place for invention ideas

One of the most widespread and well-known invention platform is quirky. Quirky is one of the places where you can truely find some great invention ideas. This network enables the group to submit ideas. And further more it builds up a really great community and therefore calls itself the LARGEST COLLABORATIVE INVENTION COMMUNITY. The uniqueness of the network is that the user can submit  invention ideas and profit form the product if it sells on the market. There are already 300.000 inventions on quirky and the number of users is still increasing. 

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And the specialty of the network is that it invents, creates, produces and sales on one platform. There are more than 1.000.000 users and the number is still increasing. By the way if you are interested in invention ideas you can submit your best invention idea to Quirky. There is a regular invention challenge that is absolutely free. You can find this network via this website: .

Idea Connection

Another great place concerning invention ideas is: . The invention platform also offers the possibility to hand in ideas. As far as you want to profit from your best inventions this is also a great place. Another great advantage is that idea hunters connect on this platform as well, so that the process of monetization gets much faster if your ideas are interesting and sell. Both networks are absolutely free. The user can simply login and the ideas can be sent and stored right away.

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So called invention networks can help you make money with your individual invention.

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