5 best facts about internet technologies like Facebook, MSN Messenger and many more…

5 best facts about internet technologies like Facebook, MSN Messenger and many more…


The internet started in the late 90s and grew bigger and bigger in the last 20 years. Ever since websites grew new inventions created new inventions. One of these inventions were Social Media Groups. Another inventions has been the new customer ability to interact in various ways. Since the first version of the internet only produced a single direction communication today the internet provides various ways to interact in many directions and in many ways. Facebook Likes, Star ratings and reviews for customers, comments and chat bots and many more functionalities were added a long time ago. Today the internet is a far more divers medium than it used to be in the past…

The internet grew every year and in the development the strive for new engagement possibilities ended up with various functionalities.

Facebook – a growing network giant

In the the year 2004 the Social Media platform Facebook had its birth. Its only 15 years ago and ever since the world was also changed by Facebook. Today the network is not only a multinational business giant but also a network that inspired privacy issues on the internet like no other website service. Facebook Groups connect people in real life and the creation of user profiles helps people to connect across all borders.

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Amazon Product Ratings and Reviews

The wide range of usage of product ratings is remarkable. Since Amazon made the star rating popular more and more online shops and commercials also added customers ratings in order to convince other users and customers to buy products or join services. In the future user ratings will also be a big part of the whole business because users are seeking new information.

MSN Messenger Services

MSN Messenger grew popular before Whatsapp came out and made sending messages a free service. The messenger platforms were successful because mobile messages have not been free for a long time. Later on new Messenger like AOL, Whatsapp and Snapchat created application for special user groups with more functionality. Although the Messenger Service is today outdated it used to be a modern way of communication.

Chatbot Systems – a great invention for businesses

The newest developments are based on AI. Artificial intelligence is actually used for 4 or 5 years in order to automate easy tasks. Simple customer questions are answered by robot who can save the answers for standardized questions. The increase of efficiency created more time for complicated issues.

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Mail Automation Systems

Mail Automation Systems simplify the mail delivery to many recipients. While mails were sent only to reach out to a single person or a small group today more more people can be reached by sending one email. The group size depends on the service. Today it is not a problem to reach 100.000 customers per day and several millions in a month. This creates a large increase in customer attention. Mail automation is a big step especially for modern start ups in order to gain popularity.

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