3 Great Car Innovations in 2018

Ever since the society seems to develope best invention ideas across every part in your daily life, one part seems really important. Your car. And if you ever bought a car, one insight seems to be obvious: Technologies sell. The more technology innovations a car can offer, the better it sells. And the upcoming car types include really best inventions. So in our new article we are going to present you some fascinating car technologies that might be interesting for you or your friends next car. These are the fresh examples of best inventions 2018 and one of them even won the CES Innovation Award. 

CabinWatch backseat surveillance as a great invention

The CabinWatch backseat surveillance is kind of a savety system for your childern. Honda just launched it. The car interiour can be put on screen right infront of you. Parents get the possibilty to have an eye on their children while driving and still can have a llok at the road. This innovation presented by Honda can help families to travel more safely. You can find the CabinWatch backseat Surveillance in Odyssey`s minivan. This example of innovation shows that there are still lots of interesting

ProPilot Assist and e Pedal

The new Nissan Leaf comes along with truely great features and best inventions 2018. As the winner of the 2018 CES Innovation Awards it is the most sold electric car in the world and provides truely high end technologies. The Pro Pilot assist is almost autonomous driving but actually the driver got to take his hand on the steering wheel. In fact this technology is one of the best inventions. It scans the road ahead of you to keep you nicely spaced out from the car in front of you (and bring you to a stop if needed) but it also tries to keep you in clearly marked lanes using its Lane Departure Prevention technology. 

Rearview mirror as motor key

Some cars already use this technology but it definitely seems one of the best looking inventions 2018. The rearview mirror scans your iris in order to start the engine. This best invention technology is one of the great ideas that can make car driving more safe. Only the true owner of the car is able to start the engine. The technology has been developed by Gentex Corp. It is somehow a new dimenstion of the biological fingerprint technology and makes clear that individual characteristics can make a big deal in security technologies. If it might become one of the best inventions in future can not be claimed today but it is a offers great possibilities. The ideas belongs to best invention ideas and might soon be available in many cars.