Month: May 2020

Cool invention ideas for the future

Cool invention ideas can be helpful in your business and in your daily life. But good invention ideas can be rare sometimes. Some firms seldom create something new. And that’s why they are sometimes getting into trouble. If you do not improve the productivity of your invention, the creativity of your firm might be lifesaving. The development of new ideas and good invention also depends on the spending on R&D. Companies have to build structured departments that focus on their

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Gaming: Nintendo Switch – The new evergreen video game console

According to latest sales results the Nintendo Switch seems to become the new Video Game evergreen Console. The sales results of Q4 2019 show an estimated 20% sales increase in the last month. The Corona Crisis might speed up the great sales results as far as people seem to spend more an more time in front of gaming applications at home. The multitalent seems to be just right for lots of consumers. As Reggie Fils-Aimé reportet the Nintendo Switch has

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