Great Game inventions: Tamagotchi vs Pokemon

21 years ago they entered almost from one day to another of the life of almost every child. Now Tamagotchis might come back in a rush. And not only as figuers. The game’s producer Bandai Namco just announced that there will be a virtual game as well coming out soon. In the end of september Tamagotchis producers first of all relaunch a new series with new colors. Although the small celluar animals are not yet out of the adults minds, nower children could push the small gadgets once again on top of the sales charts. The designers decided to bring back the original Tamagotchi with some new additions that will keep the classic look and feel of the original game, but with new colours that will bring the device to life like never before.

And although it might not be the great come back, the Tamagotchi is already one of the most astonishing inventions. 76 million Tamagochis were sold already till 2010. Almost one generation later the crazy toy should now celebrate its great come back. My Tamagotchi Forever, a mobile that lets you raise your very own Tamagotchi is already available in Google Playstore: Tara Badie, Bandai America’s Marketing Director also believe that the original Tamagotchi’s have a chance to be big in the current market. So we look forward to a new hype in another generation. But watch out. The app is available since March 2018 and has not created a big hype yet. Furthermore the big competitor Pokemon is still a great performer in the market with more than 800 Million downloads. It is hard to believe that the old fashioned Tamagotchi might come back in a strong way. Anyway it might be interesting to see if the younger children might again be influenced again. Bandai Namco looks optimistic in the future and looks forward to another world success in gaming history.