How to invent

Explore 5 great techniques to create invention ideas right now

One big question of modern and dynamic companies today is how to invent faster than a competitor. What can you do in order to be more creative? Lots of people might think there is no recipe for making invention ideas. We do not believe either. But there are certain ways and techniques that might make the occasion of a new invention more likely.

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Apple Watch (Re)Charged 2.0

The new Apple Watch might soon have another battery charging opportunity. Instead of using the casual way, it might soon be possible to use a wireless case which not just secures, but also recharges your Apple Watch. Apple just sent out this patent and got the Patent number 9,901,147 for this invention. As far as the watch has to be placed on a loading pug at the moment, it might soon be possible to recharge the device without any plugin.

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Is inventiveness a matter of urban density?

What makes people inventive? For some reason there might be a few people who might argue that inventions come out way faster if people live in urban areas. In our little abstract we want to focus on the origin of inventiveness. So that we might find out some ways for businesses to improve their R&D Departments. Or maybe there is a possibilty to find out certain factors for inventiveness growth…

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The patent application: Small steps till you get a patent

Patents, licences and trademarks are not that easy to get in the United States. But as an entrepreneur it is sometimes important to save your brand, your idea or even your products if people tend to copy them. So there is no other way but to aply for a patent. But where can you get the key information? Who is responsible for your patent application? Some questions will be answered in the following article… The best place you might possibly

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Innovation: A limit to business success?

Modern societies are more or less dependent on increase in value. In most of the western societies increase in value is only developing if new dimensions in a product are found, rudimental changes are applied or new inventions are embedded. The more innovative modern business organizations are the more successful they might be in market competitions. The questions are which organizational designs make growth more probable. Which organizations create ongoing inventions and which organizations only create value by mass market

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Whose great inventions are still relevant today?

Basic ancient inventions througout the past centuries In our first article we proudly present 10 great invention ideas that are one by one the best invention of all time. Most of them are really basic and ancient. We start in the 15th century and finish in the late 20th century just round about 20 years ago. All inventions are widespread and well known, cause they are integrated in our daily life’s or have influenced businesses in various ways. Whether it

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