How to become a successful online marketing hero with new inventions [2020]?

Online Marketing is a very independent discipline to make money. If you do not want to spent your life in a lazy occupation situation you can also invest in a career in online marketing. But you must be aware of the fact that this might take a long time. Online Marketing is a vivid genre and you must be creative in order to be recognized in the media. Only if you turn out to be a little smarter and a bit more creative your ideas and dreams might come true and you can make it to a real online marketing hero.

In 2020 lots of new inventions in online marketing appeared. New business models, modern developments and technical gadgets start to shape a complete new landscape One of the most important questions in the business still is, how you can make money. And quiet a lot of people answer this questions in various ways with more or less success.

Inventions and modern digital technologies are still “key to success”?

If you want to stand out in the mass, you have to be more creative and technologically in best shape. The “state of the art”. Webdesign shapes the media, apps are our daily company. And still the value is not shaped by simple technological attractions. New business ideas have to be attractive in two ways. They have to be adaptable to a modern world that is mostly depended on applications. Furthermore the user value has to be increased. Only if the whole user experience is a fulfilling event, it will finally run the market. As an online marketing hero you have to try to be inventive as possible.

Blogging is great, but Vlogging makes the difference

Online Marketing hero


Vlogging is a wonderful way to market yourself and get recognized in the media. The more you are personally recognized the better your channel will grow. Marketing has changed towards a personal brand business. If you want to make it big you and your brand have to appear in person at some time. You will be recognized as an expert and people might remind them self. Pinterest is a great example that shows the evolutional development from a pure pic network towards a multimedia video and animation platform with social groups and many interaction possibilities. But you have to understand the rules of the game. It is not easy to get more than 300.000 Views on Pinterest in one month. View the video about pinterest facts to find out what is most important to gain views and clicks quickly.

The modern role of social media

It is pretty hard to get recognized in the social media at the beginning. Only if you manage to gain a lot of followers your account will be able to reach the group of people – maybe your optimized target group. And although there is a lot of nonsense going on in the media – do not think about shitstorms and fake news – it is important to be recognized as a fair leader and creative in online marketing. You have to shape topics, raise your own quality, and post only it your ideas are well designed and really readable. The landscape changed a lot especially in 2020 during the Corona Crisis and Online News and Online Shopping managed an audience attraction of unexpected heights. What about the hidden Star? Quora is one of the most interesting new knowledge creating networks. Quora gives answers to almost all topics that can be thought of. It is a smart network and still reaches new growth heights. Do you want to know how to be successful on Quora? Just watch this video about Quora. You will achieve new engagement goals, that are most surprising.

Why new forms of entrepreurs also shape the new working world?

Not every modern occupation is based on a regular job contract. A lot of people are still making a lot of money in regular jobs like in logistics, state and other occupations to make a lining. But the online market also shaped an new landscape of modern and independent workforces that create their own wealth. It is possible to join freelancer communities and not seldom these people can really reach financial goals in short time. But these jobs based on private deals are really hard to get. Do you want to know how to reach a gig on Fiverr? Just watch the short video to make money online with Fiverr. It will help you out and you will profit from the new thoughts.

Why web development skills are more than basic in 2020 for an online marketing hero?

The media become more and more demanding. Not to mention that your content has to be worth it – the layout has to be demanding as well. Because the reader is more demanding and not just focuses on information. The reader wants to be entertained in a modern and sophisticated way. Google also sorts its results and especially in this year only really elaborated results make it to the top. If the quality is not worth reading – the website disappears. If the readers drop out after a few seconds your website will lose positions in the Google Ranking. We are living in a world which is more and more based on a demand for scientific and knowledge based results. People want to be informed and educated in the same way. And the mass media create an environment that makes it harder to find real best quality content solutions. Graphical solutions can part of this education. Just watch this video about Bar charts and create your own.

Conclusions – The tough road towards a online marketing hero

Online Marketing Hero

Invention ideas will always be a big deal. In a multimedia world new habits have to be found and implemented in world of mass and social media. This does not mean that posting pics day by day can make a living in the long run. But the social media plattforms also created chances that can help business man to reach their customers on more personal way of marketing.

In this future generation, the deal is to step into this world and not to avoid it. But the key to success towards a normal and serious virtual life will be the integrity of posting and the fulfilled responsibility of clearing inappropriate content in order to save the societies sanity, security and wealth of a any modern country. It is no longer the time for no intervention in social media networks if the sense of serious and legitimate content postings gets lost like in several years. Therefore the social media network as well as every online participant has to be encouraged to think about a good and fair online reputation.

Successful online marketing manager will not only find topics but also great new opportunities of growth. Everyone can reach his or her goal in a new independent and unlimited world of opportunities for growth and welfare. Enjoy a new responsible motivation and achieve your goals with fairness and a sense that goes beyond private well-being. In a multi connected world success is not limited by reach and personal growth but by the way that many people manage to get together in a civilized way.

It is all about running on clear and acceptable rails for everyone.

All the best.