Famous inventors #1: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is definitely one of the most shiny personalities when it comes to inventiveness and great invention ideas. He got one of the richest persons in the world and owns many modern and future orientated businesses. Elon Musk is not only the CEO of Tesla, the inventor of the Model T but also owner of many other new economy firms. He got several awards like a popstar for his inventions. He is part of the Royal Society since 2018 and was Businessperson of the Year 2013 which is a honor prize by Fortune Magazine.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

The different Models of Tesla are only one part of Tesla’s and Elon Musk’s substantial work. The creativitiy and the future orientation of Tesla is really the #1 in the world. No other business is so focused on integrated renrewable ressources in its product portfolio. Elon Musks energy saving and  ressource saving focussed strategy is completely fulfilling future szenarios in many ways. Elon Musk prepares the world for new challenges while other businesses are still agueing uf they can stick to fossil energies. The futuristic and ecologic view made Tesla a kind of  role model for the modern car industry.

The essentials of Elon Musk strategy: Take the risk and win the race

The way Elon Musk does not avoid risks with his way of crreating new cars make the company successful in the long run. Although Teslas way will be a long distance trail with lots of obstacles, the way he manages seems to make the company stabile. There is much more to come and although there are so many critics the future of Tesla and its cooperation partners can and will be bright in the future.

Will Tesla join the fuel cell?

Although Tesla has managed to introduce a lot of new innovative cars the fuel cell is called “fool cell” by Elon Musk. He does not see a profitable business in fuel cells. Anyway some companies like Toyota are heading towards this new technology and seem to invest a lot in the infrastructure as well. It seems really likely that there might be a shift in the car industry. Maybe not this year and maybe not next year, but in the future there seems to come another option…. 

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