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5 best facts about internet technologies like Facebook, MSN Messenger and many more…

The internet started in the late 90s and grew bigger and bigger in the last 20 years. Ever since websites grew new inventions created new inventions. One of these inventions were Social Media Groups. Another inventions has been the new customer ability to interact in various ways. Since the first version of the internet only produced a single direction communication today the internet provides various ways to interact in many directions and in many ways. Facebook Likes, Star ratings and

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Famous inventors #1: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is definitely one of the most shiny personalities when it comes to inventiveness and great invention ideas. He got one of the richest persons in the world and owns many modern and future orientated businesses. Elon Musk is not only the CEO of Tesla, the inventor of the Model T but also owner of many other new economy firms. He got several awards like a popstar for his inventions. He is part of the Royal Society since 2018

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crypto currency

Cryptocurrencies have not spread out their entire impacts yet

Crypto currencies re-engineered the banking and finance industry from top to bottom. The fundamental changes have a deep impact on the financial systems and might also affect out daily life’s in the near future. Bitcoin is already running and further currencies are just implemented. Although the Facebook’s Libra has to face certain problems and criticism the tendency towards modern currencies that are not affected by exchange rate instabilities seems really strong. The question still is which currency will win the

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Great Inventions of the past century

Great inventions always had an impact on our lives. Sometimes great inventions improved productivity, sometimes they solved big problems and sometimes they simply turned an old idea to something totally new. Not in all cases the inventions were really helpful But most of the great inventions were so important that most of us cannot even imagine a live without them. They were just too crucial and had such an changing effect that some of these inventions were called disruptive innovations.

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Invention of the internet as an evolution of media

How has the internet been invented? Who invented it actually? How many people use the internet today? The invention of the internet is one of the most fundamental inventions ever. The usage of the internet created not only a medium but also established a culture and created a digital transformation that is not over yet. The medium is part of our daily life and since they internet is also available on mobile phones it is almost omnipresent at every spot

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Walmart gained patent to eavesdrop on shoppers – Where are the benefits?

The retail giant Walmart gained the patent to eavesdrop on shoppers and record audio signals in their stores. In a time where data privacy and and scandals around Facebook are really common, this development is not surprising. But what are the benefits after one year?  And in addition the question comes up, where might businesses and employees draw a line? The benefits for Walmart are quiet clear. The system is capable of detecting almost all sounds: Voices, signals and sounds

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Beyond Meat’s #1 vegan sausage best invention in 2018

Believe it or not. The vegan sausage from Beyond Meat is now an official award winning surprise. The vegan sausage was announced “Best Invention of 2018” by the famous Time Magazine. The sausage had come out as the second great product prepared by Beyond Meat who initially started with a Burger that also almost tastes like a real meat Burger.  But what makes vegan sausages and burgers so cool and why will they also shape a complete new food movement…

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2019 brand new technologies of popular inventions

Which kind of technologies will foster the brand-new inventions of 2019? The year has just passed the first quarter but we already want to know some best inventions of 2019. Well although this is not so much time, we already found some great new inventions of 2019. But what is so special about them? Our article will show you 3 brand-new technologies that might change the world… Flying cars As Airbus just introduced the Air taxis and was able to

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5 most innovative companies in the US

The best companies all around the world try to sell their products as good as possible. But in addition most of the companies are also trying to keep up their product’s uniqueness. In order to protect each product, product managers and research consultants are trying to find more and better product features to keep their products best…   The achievements can be quite impressive. We are going to present some really innovative companies to you, that are actually trying to

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100% innovations for business that guarantee your stability

Businesses are always looking for innovations. In fact there are a lot of companies that are desperately looking for new innovations with larger R&D Departments. The invention is quite clear. In the future only the most inventive and most productive companies will survive in the battle of higher competitiveness. A business innovation can be a game changer in many ways. And not only product innovations are interesting. As big companies like Tesla, Bitcoin and many other firms show: The high

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